We are living in a disposable society. We have disposable dishes, BBQ, tables and now clothes.

We buy what we need then get rid of it when it is no longer needed at that particular time. It served its purpose. Since it didn’t cost a lot bin it and if by chance need another then just go out and buy it. The same applies with food.

Food has also become so plentiful and convenient to get. Anything you want when you want it, meals already made up all you have to do is cook it or it is already prepared all you do is serve it. Any type of meal is out there waiting to be bought.

So why bother fussing about making meals or learning how to cook?

Buying it already made and cooked, takes away the enjoyment you get when you make it yourself. The satisfaction of knowing you made a great tasting meal others will enjoy eating. Knowing you did it, it’s a great feeling to have, a feeling of satisfaction. You also control what goes into your meals.

I have a friend who never used his oven or stove, never had any food in the place, always ordered in or ate out. Then out of the blue decided it was time to take control of his eating habits, as he was getting over weight. His weight problem was mainly due to the type of meals he was buying and lack of exercise. But he thought if he made his own meals, then it would be better for him. So he started making his own meals but in reality, he was cooking packaged meal he bought at the grocery store. It was a start but he never lost any weight because he was not buying healthy.

Buying ready prepared meals such as ready to cook BBQ chicken (this is chicken already coated in a sauce) sure it needs cooking, but is the sauce high in fat, sugar and salt. Prepared sauces, sure they taste good but what is in these sauces? When buying sauces do you check the ingredients and get sauces low in salt, sugar and fats? The same goes with ready to serve coleslaw or potato salad. Well a salad, you may think that it has to be better for you. Wrong! It is only good for you if it is not loaded with salt, fat and sugars.

Cooking does not have to be difficult or time consuming nor does it have to be frustrating. The trick is keep it simple, don’t try to complicate it by getting fancy or trying something that will only frustrate you, because it take to much time to prepare or just to fiddly when you are just starting out or getting back into cooking. It may sound good and you may want to impress yourself or others by trying these recipes, but take baby steps at first.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen preparing a meal. Use the time to reflect on what is happening in your life, make plans, listen to an audio book or your favourite music cd. I have wireless headphones so when I am working away preparing a meal I can listen to my music, book, or a study course; I’m multi-tasking and using my time wisely.
I also monitor what ingredients are needed to make the meal. I will substitute heavy creams with low fat milk or butters with light oils. Add flavourings such as herbs rather than load the meal with salt. This way I have the control of what is going into my body and my family’s.

Even when you are strapped for time a home prepared meal does not have to take a lot of time. Meals can be made in minutes with little preparation time. In reality it takes longer to stop and pick up a takeaway or order in than making a meal yourself.

So get into the kitchen and surprise yourself and your body by getting healthy and enjoy cooking at the same time.

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