There is no doubt that obesity poses a huge risk to the health of our species, at this point in history for perhaps the first time there is such an over abundance of cheap, available food that we are literally eating ourselves to early graves.

Gym memberships are at an all-time high with people from all walks of life desperate to improve their, health and appearance, and, of course chase what has become the holy grail of fitness for some, the ever elusive six pack.

In the last 20 years I have seen many fads come and go in the so called “fitness industry” but one, above all stands out in its tenacity and sheer bloody mindedness in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. The myth of cardio for fat loss.

I have simply lost count of the number of times I have seen new members arrive at the gym having resolved to make the effort to approve their health and appearance only to see minimal results, lose interest and leave.

Quite simply put what they are doing doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and will never work.

Take a look around your local gym at the blank faces grinding away on the treadmills, elipitical trainers and stationary bikes, the boredom only relieved by the rows of wall mounted TV’s, have you noticed any dramatic changes in body shape, I highly doubt it!

The fitness industry clings to this outdated dogma for convenience, it is simpler and more efficient for the gym to have you plodding away, performing a few crunches and then going, home. This is cost effective as no real further coaching or monitoring or input is needed.

There is another way!

Some of the information may well contradict your current beliefs but all has been tried, tested and proved both in the lab and “in the trenches.”

The bulk of the calories we burn are due to our RMR or resting metabolic rate other factors such as exercise make a smaller contribution to our daily expenditure of calories.

The number one training priority when attempting to lose body fat is to raise the bodies metabolic rate so that you body continues to burn calories at a higher rate for hours after leaving the gym, some studies suggest that this is possible for up to 36 hours.

The first and foremost tool in our exercise toolbox when training for fat loss is resistance training. This may fly in the face of what you understand to be true. but the fact of the matter is that a correctly structured high intensity resistance program utilising large multi-joint movements will raise the metabolism and preserve muscle mass thus speeding up the loss of body fat.

When I talk about weight training and in particular with regard to fat loss I’m talking about exercises such as the squat, deadlift, lunges and complex moves, that is blending two or more exercises into a single motion such as the squat and press or “thruster” as it has become known. I’m afraid a few reps on the pec dec or a few sets of lateral raises just won’t cut the mustard. Our goal is to burn energy and quite simply put the larger the engine (the more of your body you use) the more energy burned.

Many women are afraid that training with weights will bulk them up and make them look over muscular and masculine, this is a myth! Women can greatly improve their strength, health and appearance through sensible weight training without bulking up because they don’t have the same hormones as men. An added benefit is the link between weight training and an increase in bone density providing some protection against osteoporosis.

Female bodybuilders who actually want to bulk up have to resort to drugs in order to achieve the effect as it doesn’t happen naturally.

If you watch what you eat and train with weights, you will drop couple of dress sizes rather than get any bigger. The image of the female bodybuilder is a fairly recent phenomenon, did you know that Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Munroe used to train regularly with free weights

Assuming that you have made some simple dietry adjustments, two to three 45 minute sessions per week combined with some high intensity Interval training will result in rapid, effective weight loss in a fraction of time you may currently be spending in the gym.

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