Diets. Yuck. Who hasn’t struggled to lose a few pounds only to put it back on if not even more. Perhaps you feel you’ve tried everything: Atkins, low fat, starving, pills. Nothing seems to work. There is an answer and it is right there inside you. It is the proper use of spiritual energy. Learn the key and you’ll never have a weight problem again.

Your thoughts are energy. Energy follows thought and thought follows energy. Energy has to go somewhere, so if it is not used it returns to God and the Universe. When it returns there, however, it is changed because of the thoughts behind it. Positive thought goes forth and is used just as positive spoken words create more positive energy. Positive words can motivate, empower and create.

Negative thoughts do the same, only in reverse. When you focus on what you don’t want, you call it into existence. Ruminate on the fact that you don’t want to be fat and that is exactly what you create, an overweight body. Negative thoughts veritably create communication to The One that is negative. They create more fear, doubt and insecurity. The energy is stagnant. Negative words effect your life in the same manner.

When a person is down in the dumps, feeling negative with little or no motivation they create negative energy. Negative verbal communication also create the same doubts and insecurities.

These negative words and thoughts create blocks in the chakras and spiritual body which effects the whole body. The body, especially the glands cease to function properly. They these are blocked and the body is not exchanging energy appropriately with the Universe, the body can’t do anything with the energy. The spiritual body and physical body are entwined. Feel impoverished spiritually and the body follows suit. The spiritual, physical and mental bodies work in dynamic synergy with each other, not separately. When the are balanced, the body is balanced and in a state of homeostasis. If the body is out of whack, this effects the flow of energy and that energy crawls within and throws everything out of whack. The energy has been effected by mood, thought and feeling and it goes back to The One in a negative way. Again, as you think, so you are.

Overweight people have this issue in their lives. They are having some sort of emotional issue, are fearful of something and insecure. Past life regressions often find that this has been the case lifetime after lifetime. This compounds the problem just like polishing off a bag of cookies in one sitting does.

It isn’t your weight that is the problem, it is the reason you are overweight and where it originated. When the cause is found, and the effect of that cause realized, the problem will take care of itself never to return.

How to do that? Study the Law of Attraction from a weight loss point of view. Thoughts are things. You manifest what you think about. It is also a feeling universe. Check your feelings. Really analyze them then take steps to improve them. Listen to beautiful music, hug your dog or cat. Sit by the ocean. Feed your soul not your body. Calories aren’t the issue but the fact that you eat to boost your feelings temporarily. Sweets, for example increase the release of the mood neurotransmitter, serotonin and you get a brief mood lift. But, alas, it doesn’t last long and you are left with the feelings of guilt and remorse about eating that chocolate cake. When you talk to yourself positively, confront your fears and insecurities, you will find that you no longer need to overeat or eat the wrong things out of compulsion.

Another things that can be used is the almost magical properties of water. You can put the word “love” next to a glass of dirty water for 24 hours and when you check it after the 24 hours is up under a microscope, you will find that the water has cleared dramatically. It is cleaner. What would happen if you made yourself a pitcher of water, put the word “love” underneath it in the refrigerator and drank only from that pitcher. You would literally be bringing the purity of love into your system that is composed 98 percent of water.

In short, find the source of your weight gain – it isn’t the calories – and retune your body and glandular system to be healthy and well. If your energy is blocked it can do nothing but create disease.

Identify the emotional issue and you’ll find the reason for your weight gain. Get a past life regression and see what you might be dealing with emotionally from a previous life that contributes to your overweight. If the issues are cleared at a spiritual level you may find yourself fitting into those “skinny jeans” in a few months..

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