You are fat and overweight because your body has a slow metabolism. Not just because you eat a lot or live a sedentary lifestyle like all the experts are saying. Exercise and proper nutrition do play a large role in your physical size but it is not the primary reason.

The primary reason why you gain weight is because you are breathing wrong.

Let me prove it to you. Do you know someone who eats as much or more than you and never gains weight? I bet you do. This someone may even be in your family that has no weight problem at all while you struggle with your weight constantly.

Why is it that someone can eat more food than you and yet still be smaller than you? This proves that it cannot be the food alone that is the reason. O.K. Let’s look at another question- How can someone who never exercises yet stays slim and you tried every workout available to shed pounds and cannot keep the pounds off?

This proves that it cannot be the lack of exercise either that causes the unwanted pounds.

So you may think it is the DNA that is the culprit. They are small and never gain weight because of their family history. But we all know someone in the same family with the same DNA and yet one is overweight while the other is not.

This is the age old question that is puzzling the world. How can someone eat all they want and never worry yet you fight to eat as little as you can and it shows on you every day?

The answer is not in the DNA or food you eat. The answer is in the processing of the food you eat.

Let me repeat myself again. You are not over weight because of the food you eat but the way your cells process the food you eat. You body has a slow metabolism that is robbing your cells of the proper energy to burn fat. Since your metabolism is slow your cells are storing fat instead of burning fat.

How do you speed up your metabolism? By practicing better breathing techniques.

To breathe better means to fuel your cells with the energy to rid itself of toxins and waste that is designed to be expelled from the body.

This process known as oxygenation can be the answer to weight loss you are searching for and anyone can do it.

Oxygenation is easier than changing your diet and far cheaper than exercise equipment.

In fact oxygenation is so simple that most people reading this article will dismiss it because of the “no pain- no gain” mentality.

But for those that take this lesson to heart and learn to breathe properly can lose weight. This can be a life changing experience and all it takes is to breathe properly and obesity will be a thing of the past.

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