Struggling to lose weight? It’s no easy proposition these days with fast lifestyles being the norm. You might be struggling to follow your fitness plan in spite of the best of intentions because of your stressful lifestyle and the ever constant ‘lack of time.’ It’s no secret that the easiest way to lose weight and stay fit is to have a healthy diet and lifestyle – Have you ever considered foods to lose weight that you can incorporate in your diet?

These super foods are excellent for any person who aspires to lose weight because they fire up the metabolism and have many excellent attributes too such as being good for your heart or improving your memory. You can eat a lot of these foods without counting calories and they’ll not only help you lose weight but will also clear out the bad toxins in your body. Here are 6 of some of the best foods that will help you lose weight.

1) Grapefruit

This extremely beneficial fruit is high in potassium, vitamin C and provides a great deal of fiber. The pink variety contains ‘lycopene’ which is an antioxidant that’s extremely good for your heart.

The fruit reduces insulin levels in your body, reducing the amount of food that gets stored away as fat and the high water content also hydrates your body quite well. Add it to your breakfast or make it a mid-morning snack.

2) Beans

Chick pea, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, navy beans etc. are really great sources of cholesterol lowering fiber. Black beans especially with their high fiber content prevent blood sugar levels from spiking very rapidly after you’ve eaten. This makes it a great food for those suffering from diabetes and is also an excellent source of protein.

3) Kale

Kale is a green leafy vegetable that for some reason only features prominently as a garnish when it should instead feature as one of the top foods to lose weight. However this is one green vegetable that you want to eat lots of since it has lots of iron, calcium and fiber. A cup of raw chopped kale only contains about 34 calories. Add it to your salads or use it generously in soups.

4) Lentils

Lentils enjoy a great reputation as ‘bonafide belly-flatteners.’ Full of protein and soluble fiber, they help prevent insulin spikes. This is good news because this prevents your body from creating and storing excess fat in the abdominal area.

5) Quinoa

A healthy whole grain, quinoa is a great food to help you lose weight since it contains both fiber and protein and helps you feel full for longer. Eat it instead of rice.

6) Green Tea

While green tea isn’t technically a food, it has many excellent health benefits that make it a must-have in your diet. It contains powerful anti-oxidants and is an excellent weight-loss stimulant that helps in digestion, improves your metabolic rate and increases fat oxidation. Quite a few people swear that five cups a day have helped them lose weight fast.

Eating foods to lose weight fast should shorten the time it takes for you to achieve your ideal weight or lose that persistent belly fat. Try to incorporate more such foods into your diet.

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